Key Responsibilities: 
Provide support to Head of Business Development and Senior Originators 
Assist in underwriting across all business lines including Lending, Acquisitions, and Development by using proprietary models 
Prepare term sheets and letters of intent; assist in new deal structuring 
Conduct real estate research including rental comparable, sales comparables, expenses, market voids, and demographics
Gather all necessary Tenant financial information and collaborate with the Head of Credit to efficiently approve any Tenants that are new to our program 
Assist with drafting investment memos to be presented to Investment Committee
Manage the pipeline list across all business lines
Assist with ad-hoc/special projects as needed

Preferred experience and desirable qualifications include
Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Engineering, or a related field 
2-3 years of experience in banking, private equity, or a real estate investment firm
Expert modeling and analytical capabilities
Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving ability
Strong oral and written communication skills
Desire to succeed in a team-oriented and performance-driven environment