Founded just ten years ago, our client is now one of America's largest local commerce networks. Their top priority is providing the tools small businesses need to build consumer loyalty, ranging from payment systems to marketing platforms. Our client wants to ensure that local businesses and their communities establish a relationship with the people around them, allowing everyone to succeed!

As the Risk and Compliance Director, you'll play a critical part in managing the company, by creating and maintaining our client's risk and compliance policies, procedures, and training programs as they relate to BSA, AML, KYC, and other regulatory and industry required programs. You'll also manage the daily activities and processes of the underwriting and risk teams. Our client is looking for someone who can build solid programs from scratch, and can develop and implement those programs.

What's in it for you at this fast-growing, team-oriented company?

  • A competitive compensation package
  • Help small businesses and communities thrive
  • This company is on the move and has the right things in place to explode!
  • This is a fully remote position

Responsibilities of the Risk Management Director

  • Establish risk and compliance guidelines and policies in accordance with current regulations, industry requirements, and the company's overall objectives
  • Conduct periodic audits of the organization to guarantee each department is compliant with both the spirit and letter of mandated policies; identify and remediate any gaps
  • Update all policies and procedures to reflect internal processes
  • Manage third-party vendor relationships for the various risk tools that the company utilizes (e. g., bank account verification, customer identity verification, web content monitoring, etc.)
  • Manage and monitor the daily activities, processes, and outcomes for the underwriting/risk teams
  • Ensure efficient and high-quality processes are in place for the underwriting/risk teams and that effective and productive communication with internal (e. g., sales teams) and external (e. g., customers, processors) stakeholders are occurring

Requirements for the Risk Management Director

  • A bachelor's degree, preferably with a STEM major
  • 3+ years of experience engaged in Underwriting, Risk, Compliance, and Chargeback/ACH Return-related tasks
  • 5+ years of experience with customer service principles and practices
  • PayFac or ISO experience in Card Payments industry
  • Familiarity with ACH/NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines, as well as its applications to Originator Risk Management
  • Knowledge in card association operating rules and guidelines
  • AML certification, AAP, and experience as a PayFac using WorldPay Payment Gateway platforms are pluses!