Our client, a professional sports organization located in Austin, is looking to hire a General Manager to lead sales and corporate partnerships. Working directly with the Chief Executive Officer, you will be responsible for seeking new partnerships and managing relationships and objectives between corporate sponsors and the team, and they will see you as a valuable asset that helps lead them to increased productivity and innovation. You will lead the marketing initiative and work cross-functionally with Operations and internal stakeholders.

The General Manager serves as the primary point of contact, assuring that each partner is taking full advantage of its relationship.
Who you are:

  • You are successful in sales and know how to identify and secure new partnership opportunities
  • You document well and can quickly access the needed information.
  • You look for ways to make things better, more efficient, and create the system to do so.
  • You have experience working in sales, marketing, media, advertising, and/or events.
  • You communicate effectively and efficiently with internal teams and external partners.
  • You are an excellent writer, storyteller, are proficient in business communications, and can put together a proposal.
  • You recognize systemic problems and take initiative to fix them.
  • You work well with large corporations, know how to navigate them, build cohesive and detailed plans, create executive summaries, and know what questions to ask to understand your client’s priorities, mandatories, vision, and objectives.

You will know you are successful if…

  • You are able to secure meetings and bring in Sponsorship partners and increase sales for the team.
  • Each partner agrees that everything has been delivered on every one of its obligations and has voluntarily provided value far in excess of expectations.
  • Partners renew and grow their partnership agreements
  • The goals and needs of your accounts are clearly defined, effectively shared with the team, and memorized by you.
  • Corporate partners are aware of all relevant events
  • You support all members of your team, help when needed, share relevant information before it is required, and follow procedure.