The Implementation Manager acts as a consultant and project manager to new clients as they transition
to our client's payroll and human resources platform. Collaborates with sales associates, implementation specialists, client service team and tax
department until the client is successfully transitioned to Client Service. Has broad knowledge of
multiple systems of records and services; they possess the ability to apply the knowledge appropriately
to diverse situations in order to add value to clients. Trains and supports clients throughout the
relationship and, at the same time, exploring clients’ underlying issues and needs for potential up-sell
opportunities. Uses knowledge, insight, and understanding of business concepts, tools, and processes to
make sound decisions in the context of the company’s business.

• Upon assignment of an order, manages the workflow/time line with client start date.
Continually updates notes in CRM to track conversion progress. After account is setup, a quality
review is conducted to ensure accuracy.
• Review and confirm account setup with client to ensure understanding and client satisfaction.
Assists clients on initial login and trains on selected products, services, processes, and
procedures. Asks open-ended questions to understand clients’ business and to broaden business
value by being able to recommend products and/or solutions.
• Analyzes sales orders for completeness and accuracy and conducts a gap analysis to ensure
clients have the appropriate products and services for their business needs. Schedules training
time with the client to review solutions and tools available based on the sales order as part of
on-boarding the client. Establishes a relationship with clients by way of a welcome call to ensure
optimum product awareness and utilization and sets overall expectations.
• Supports clients during and after approved number of error free payrolls to ensure accuracy,
understanding, and to resolve issues in a timely and professional manner. Runs necessary
adjustments if applicable and ensures all features have been activated started prior to turnover.
• Maintains existing knowledge base and builds onto it by learning new products, services,
processes, and procedures. Keeps up-to-date with payroll/legal regulations.
• Determines clients’ transition date to move from the Implementation group to Client Services by
gaining commitment of readiness from clients and then communicating the turnover to the
client and appropriate internal groups.
• Mentors and shares knowledge with peers.

• Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or other related field and the resultant
knowledge and experience from at least 3 years of payroll management experience.
• Process Management Oriented: Ability to document and identify process flows related to
payroll production operations. Ability to identify co-dependencies, risk factors and operational
influences then enact appropriate quality controls. Ability to identify department process
improvements and associate training needs.
• Industry Knowledge: Applies the understanding of industry terminology, process flow and
structure to problem solving and communications. Proven effectiveness in resolving complex
client service issues of all levels, ability to prioritize critical issues.
• Prior operational experience with mission critical software applications is required. Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with large, complex clients. Ability to maintain focus on long term objectives while meeting tactical responsibilities is critical.
• CPP or FPC certification
• Proficient in Millennium (M3) payroll, SwipeClock (TimeWorksPlus) and other HR systems of record
• Strong client relationship skills
• Demonstrated ability to listen and anticipate customer needs