This person’s primary responsibility is to maintain and operate the various broadcast and Audio/Video systems at the venue. This person will also work closely with the various external entities that will be working to produce TV or radio broadcasts.

Essential Functions

  • Maintain and operate the on-site AV systems, including: 
    • IP TV system (including concession menu boards and advertising insertion)
    • SMA TV system (RF)
    • PA and audio systems
    • Projectors, video walls and other presentation systems
    • Giant screens
    • Scoring & information towers, marquee signs and any other permanent electronic signage around the facility
  • For all systems, develop and implement improvements as needed to facilitate day to day and event operations. Locate, hire and supervise appropriate contractors/service providers as needed for projects and events.
  • Maintain in-house production facilities for on-site content distribution
  • Work with in-house and external creative to ensure any content created for on-site distribution meets technical requirements for format, resolution, etc.
  • Develop and operate a process for managing systems and equipment life cycles
  • Develop, implement, and manage failure mitigation/backup processes for day to day operations and events. Manage any necessary spares inventory, rentals or service providers.
  • Manage on-site “rental house” equipment inventory. Develop and implement processes for order/delivery/return of equipment for events.
  • Maintain tools and test equipment relevant to AV systems.
  • Collect requirements from entities that will be producing events at the venue for national/international broadcasts. Develop and execute a plan to fulfill those requirements, from loan-in to strike. Areas of responsibility could include power, cable pathways, and provision of rental equipment.
  • Hire and manage third party production facilities needed on a temporary basis
  • Provide oversight and technical coordination for rental giant screens
  • Maintain knowledge of industry trends and developments. 
  • Support Marketing and IT team with the distribution of internal and external media assets

Required Experience

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills – timely, clear, and concise communication is critical to success in this position
  • Excellent organizational ability to establish priorities and manage time effectively 
  • Confidence when working with both internal and external vendors and customers
  • Proficiency with standard business productivity software including Visio or equivalent
  • Must possess quality leadership and teamwork attitude
  • Must possess great attention to detail and sense of craftsmanship 
  • Ability to improvise/problem solve on the fly
  • Ability to work well under pressure, often alongside international clients
  • Experience managing vendors/contractors/service providers are desirable

Required Technical Qualifications

  • Min of 3-5 years of relevant industry experience
  • Extremely strong troubleshooting and fault isolation skills are required
  • Experience with IP networks is required, including addressing, network segmentation, and multicast
  • Detailed knowledge of audio and video distribution equipment and methods
  • Knowledge of structured cabling systems as related to AV systems
  • Knowledge of Windows and Mac platforms and software (desktop and server) for video and audio production. Knowledge of Unix is also helpful.
  • Understanding of media production workflow processes and tools, including SAN and other storage architectures common in media production
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field