Our client is a firm that manages the assets of a single family and all of their investments and financial efforts. They've been growing, and they need someone to match their growth with a proactive attitude! Our client is looking for someone that can review and read contracts, and make sure that everything stays up to code.

Perks of Working with Our Client!

  • Competitive salary and 100% of health, dental, and vision insurance for employees and their families
  • Flexible start times and hours
  • 15 days PTO
  • Employer-matched 401(k)

Primary Responsibilities of the Paralegal

  • Preparing and filing documents online
  • Drafting deeds, easements, and other land instruments
  • Conducting title searches, as well as preparing litigation filings
  • Forming and reviewing companies and draft operating agreements
  • Managing administrative accounts and inventory

Primary Requirements for the Paralegal

  • Experience in real estate, meaning that you should know how to read the terms, what contracts look like, and payment methods
  • The ability to take initiative and work independently
  • A great attitude – our client wants someone who can fit into their team-based culture