We have partnered with an Austin-based artificial intelligence company using machine learning to greatly enhance human problem solving across a number of critical sectors.  Our client is working towards a future where AI-based efficiency can liberate human potential. To that end, they've built a frictionless platform that adapts and readapts to your organization’s ever-changing data needs. Their team works with their customer's team to make data approachable and actionable, freeing up their client’s time to solve the sorts of problems that computers can’t broach.

As a Data Engineer, you’ll be challenged on day one to have a definitional impact shaping and building solutions that directly affect the “biggest headlines” in the geopolitical realm. You’ll be working alongside a team of data scientists to integrate their work into functional products. Examples include applied computer vision, sentiment analysis, and entity resolution. They are working towards a future where organizations do not sit on top of unused data. They are building an end-to-end Data Platform to enable operational data science offline and on-premises or in the cloud. From ingestion of raw data (videos, images, audio files, CSVs, audio, etc.) all the way to data fusion analytics. Their work has briefed at the 4-Star and Congressional level.

Primary Responsibilities of the Senior Data Engineer 

  • Design and implement data platform components such as data catalog, data lake, and data warehouse. 
  • Design and Implement ETL framework, batch and stream processing, application CI/CD, and polyglot persistence. 
  • You’ll have the opportunity to take the models and algorithms developed by data scientists and optimize, deploy, and refine them in a real-world setting immediately.

Primary qualifications for the Senior Data Engineer 

  • Driven, self-directed personality.
  • Strong sense of mission and commitment to making a difference.
  • Knowledge of standard tooling: CI/CD tools, git, Docker
  • Knowledge of database design and architecture: relational, document, embedding, graph.
  • Comfortable with commercial clouds.
  • Experience with distributed compute and storage.
  •  Experience building batch and streaming ETL pipelines with Python, Scala, SQL.
  • Knowledge of data pipeline technologies, especially Apache Spark/Kafka/Beam.
  • Experience with Data Platform components like Data Catalog, Data Lake, Data Orchestrator, Data Warehouse.
  • Strong experience with building Data Lakes and/or Data Warehouses.

These skills are a Plus for the Senior Data Engineer 

  • Active US Security Clearance. Experience with Big Data with high volume, velocity, and variety.
  • Experience with Data Orchestrators like Airflow, Dagster, Prefect, Flyte.
  • Experience with Big Data DBs like Snowflake, Redshift, or BigQuery.
  • Experience with Data Platforms like Dataiku, Databricks, Alteryx

What is in it for you at this fast-growing company?

  • Excellent compensation package includes solid salary range, excellent bonus plan and equity that does not dilute!
  • Unique Culture that is very collaborative and is a flat organization, everyone has a voice.
  • Work with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry and tackle the most challenging problems in the market.
  • The opportunity for personal and professional skills growth is unprecedented in this learning organization.