Bhavesh Patel

Technical Recruiter

Bhavesh started his career in FP&A sector and moved through the ranks. Bhavesh wasn’t getting much excitement out of it, so he decided to jump ship and open a restaurant. Boy, that was a lot of excitement! Owning and operating a restaurant was probably the most fulfilling ‘job’ Bhavesh has had. It enabled him to learn a lot of new skills and increase his knowledge on things he already knew.

Bhavesh decided to jump into recruiting because he is a people’s person – he loves meeting new people, getting to know their life stories and how they got to where they are today. He loves being able to help someone.

When Bhavesh isn’t working, he is likely playing golf or hanging out with friends around Austin. He enjoys watching football (Go Cowboys and Longhorns) and a great true-life documentary!

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