Team Profile

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Richard Fusco brings 10+ years experience as a management consultant and product management director in the software industry. He thrives on working with clients to break down their seemingly intractable problems to deliver practical solutions.

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Technical Recruiting Manager

Lisa Thompson is an Austin-native with 10+ years experience finding technical talent for small-to-medium-sized companies in the Greater Austin area.

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Recruiting Officer

Madison Butler is a Rhode Island native. She began her career in Massachusetts as a high volume sales staffing agency and joined the recruitAbility last year

Client Expectations

We hope you are as excited to work with us as we are to work with Amazon! A few things that we recommend to make for a great recruiting experience:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly call to answer questions and review candidates
  • 48 hour response time on resume submission and scheduling
  • Feedback on both rejected and accepted candidates


We know that is finding the right person is important and just as important is keeping them around for a long time. Our innovative interactive platform gives you the opportunity to engage with your employees to ensure everyone’s voice is heard to make for a great work experience.  The platform sends a series of questions that are segmented in two phases, Onboarding and Engagement. They progress and evolve with the employee as they journey through their 1st year at the company. 

How Surveys Work

Each survey consists of a mix of questions that rate their experience and free form feedback. A placed employee will receive a survey at the following cadence, starting from their first day:

Onboarding Phase

  • Week 1
  • Month 1
  • Month 2

Engagement Phase

  • Month 4
  • Month 8
  • Month 12

It is critical that we get the work email of each new employee placed by recruitAbility within their first week to get the survey process started and start measuring Amazon's on-boarding process immediately. 

How Reports Work

The frequency of the reports will vary depending on how many candidates were placed and their start dates. Typically a quarterly review will work best if multiple candidates are placed so we can review feedback in aggregate. If we have only placed one candidate, we can review after each survey has been completed. We recommend a call to review the ratings and the feedback so we can better understand Amazon's culture and how to improve our future searches for you.