Our Story

Our Why

Nad Elias

Founder / CEO

recruitAbility began with a simple idea that we can do better. I started in the executive search and recruiting space over 20 years ago, it was my first job out of college, and I fell in love with every part of it. We have the ability to change peoples lives with every call we make, and to this day, there’s nothing I enjoy more than being that change agent.

The idea for recruitAbility came from our clients. I asked them what we can do better? What is it that they like the least about using a recruiter? The answer was almost always the same, recruiters don’t share accountability after a hire is made. We’re not viewed as strategic partners, but it’s because of our actions as an industry not the customers we serve.  We’re trained as young recruiters that it’s our job to find the talent, but it’s our client’s job to keep them.

That might’ve been true at one point, but not today. We now have access to training and technology that we can use to better serve our clients. Retention in today’s market is just as hard, if not harder than recruiting. We set out to build a process and product that helps our clients with retention, by taking a candidate from initial recruitment, through onboarding and the first year of engagement. We work with our clients to identify what makes the best hire based on what a great employee actually looks like.  We can take those attributes and apply them to the front end of the recruiting process to find the best fit.  We call it recruiting reimagined!

It’s a gamechanger, and our clients are seeing their retention rates improve along with a better experience for all of their employees. I’ve always believed that a quality recruiting partner should act as an extension of our client’s brand, representing their first impression in the marketplace. We take that responsibility seriously, it’s our way of being better. Living to serve is one of our key core values, and you’ll see that practice in working with us.


Our mission

To make the lives of everyone we connect with better

Our core values


Own it, accountability is everything; expect it from yourself and hold everyone to it

0% drama

Keep it simple; be direct with every action

Play to win... As a team

Always compete together

Live to serve

Be a leader who serves others and is a continuous learner

Brutal Transparency

Strive for total transparency and honesty

Our Origin

recruit-A-bility: the degree to which a candidate is qualified, interested, and available for an opportunity.

A: stand for accountability, one of our core values.

Client and Candidate Reviews

Shelley was the most personable recruiter I've ever worked with. She was always on top of communication and checking in with me. Shelley was transparent and authentic, which built trust (very important during a job search). I cannot speak highly enough about Shelley! She's the FREAKING BEST! Hannah Marketing Associate
Needle in a haystack. That was our request. And that's what recruitAbility delivered. Kelly Moore and her team took the time to really understand what we needed from a systems, experience and skills perspective and delivered not one but several candidates for each role we needed. Carolyn Chief Accounting Officer
I have now worked with Nad and the team at recruitAbility twice for two different hires and would highly recommend them.  They have both a metrics-driven and human-driven approach to recruiting which sets them apart in a very crowded recruiting market.  I would certainly use them again.  They have added significant value to the arduous process of identifying and retaining good talent. Brian Managing Director
recruitAbility is the most professional recruiting firm I have had the pleasure of working with. Both Nad and Richard invested a great deal of time and energy into guiding me through the interview process. If you are looking for a career, or are an employer searching for the best fit for your organization, contact RecruitAbility. You will not be disappointed! Michael Account Executive