As a full-service recruiting and technology firm that specializes in direct and contract hires, as well as AI consulting, we partner with clients primarily by recruiting, growing, and retaining the talent that they need to scale their businesses. 

We have created a unique partner program to work with leading professional service firms and product companies who share our commitment and dedication to our customers.

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Here’s How The Partner Program Works

We offer a variety of services depending on the needs of our clients.

  • Consulting: We engage with our network of experts to provide you with consulting services.
  • Direct Hires: Our team helps scale internal customer teams by finding top talent.
  • Contract/Staff Augmentation: Use our team for project-based work, with a typical engagement lasting 6-12 mos.

For Direct Hires, partners earn a percentage of the first placement fee we make at a referred client.

For Consulting and Contract/Staff Augmentation engagements, partners earn a percentage of the gross margin based on the duration of the contract/engagement.

Another aspect of this program involves recruitAbility sending work to our partners. In our normal course of business, we frequently encounter companies that are curious about AI, ML, and data science, or they need help implementing these technologies.

Our focus is on building internal AI capabilities for our customers and helping them with the “why” and the “how” behind these projects. We need to leverage our partners that have products and services to help our customers with those capabilities.

In turn, our partners scope out the projects and figure out the best solutions for each client. Learn more about how we partner with KUNGFU.AI to understand how these relationships work best.