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Nad Elias

Nad Elias has been in the search and recruiting industry for 15+ years. Recognized by the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants as one of the top 50 recruiters in Texas, he is known for consistently delivering on-target results and building high-performing teams.


Director of Business Development

Richard Fusco

Richard Fusco brings 10+ years experience as a management consultant and product management director in the software industry. He thrives on working with clients to break down their seemingly intractable problems to deliver practical solutions.


Business Development Manager

Kelly Moore

Kelly brings over 15 years of account management experience gained through various sales positions with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and Johnson & Johnson.  She is a go-getter and enjoys finding new clients in varied industries.  

Technical Recruiting Manager


Lisa Thompson is an Austin-native with 10+ years experience finding technical talent for small-to-medium-sized companies in the Greater Austin area. She has been successfully recruiting at fast-growing staffing companies since she got her Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University.

Executive Recruiter

Sharmaine Eugenio

Sharmaine Eugenio has an extensive background in project coordinating, business management and HR since graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with her Bachelor of Science. She is a forward-thinking and results-driven individual with a knack for challenging the status quo. She enjoys traveling, cooking and the outdoors at her leisure.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The monthly payment cycle of 12 months’ is great for cash flow, but it’s really the shared accountability that we like the most. They’re just as committed to making the hire stick as we are. The assessments and culture evaluation provided by recruitAbility are great for reporting on the candidate experience.

— Client Reference #1

You start by pre-screening with recruitAbility's staff, and after that meetings with employers are quick and to the point. They worked around my schedule to send me on interviews with employers offering the advancement I was looking for in my career and after two weeks helped me find my first financial management position. I definitely recommend recruitAbility to those seeking a quick and smooth hiring process.

— Candidate Reference #1

Working with recruitAbility gave me access to jobs I otherwise wouldn't have known about. I turned down multiple other offers just to take advantage of the offer they afforded me. There was an incredible level of professionalism that I experienced when working with recruitAbility during the search process, especially from the communication on their end. They consistently followed up with me after each interview, as well as provided mentorship to propel myself to the next round.

— Candidate Reference #2