Recruiting for a Great Cause

Recruiting for a Great Cause

Recruiting for a Great Cause with Marathon Kids

Living Our Core Values

One of our core values at recruitAbility is “Live to Serve“. We figured a good way to do this is to leverage the thing we do best to help other organizations while recruiting for a great cause. Recruiting good talent is hard enough as a large, well-known organization with lots of resources. Non-profits don’t typically have a lot of extra funds lying around to hire a full-time recruiter or outsource the work to an agency to help them. They lean a lot on job boards and internal referrals, which can be limiting, especially when it is an additional responsibility for the hiring manager.

We connected with a local non-profit in Austin called Marathon Kids to help them solve a hiring problem. Marathon Kids develop innovative programs that help children stay on the move. We all know school schedules have become highly focused on class time at the expense of PE programs. Their programs work with schools to develop and administer programs that incorporate more physical activity into the school schedule.

Partnering to Solve a Hiring Problem

They were looking to hire an IT Project Manager to help them manage all of their systems and software. Including the day-to-day and long term strategic projects that were instrumental to the organization’s mission. These projects were ranging from fundraising development software to getting new mobile apps into the hands of schools that administer their programs. Hiring in the tech space is so competitive, especially in technology hubs like Austin. It can be an entire second job for someone to find that right person. recruitAbility partnered with the executive team at Marathon Kids to learn what they were looking for in the hire and then help them through the search process. We sourced candidates from all across the US that fit the right profile of culture and technical experience, which is a unique combination in the non-profit world. They were able to find their person after a short search and saved the money by not hiring an agency to help them. That money can now be used to help many more children.

We loved the experience of helping Marathon Kids and look forward to helping similar organizations in the future recruiting for a great cause. Are you a non-profit that needs hiring help? Reach out to let us know and we’ll take a look to see if it fits in our wheelhouse.


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