Consulting Use Case

Consulting Use Case


An Austin based consumer product company that is looking to utilize the massive pile of data they collect on a daily basis. They are looking to make a data driven decision on what direction to take their business.

They faced some hurdles:

  • They don’t have the funds to engage a traditional consulting firm
  • The technical team is focused on their customer facing platform 
  • Their core competency is their business, not AI solutions


recruitAbility was engaged to devise and execute a solution.

How we did it:

  • Engaged a 2 day kick off moderator led meeting to understand the root of the problem
  • Concluded several scenarios where AI is necessary and how it could accelerate their business
  • Constructed a 6 month engagement to integrate AI into their tech stack 
  • Developed a coinciding hiring plan to ensure long term success


  • Successful engineering team: the technology team is excited about integrating AI into their stack along with upgrading their skill sets.
  • Happy executive team: they are now able to articulate to their investors a clear, data driven path for the next growth phase.
  • Road to success: We brought in the right experts to help the company and set them up for future success.