Contracting Use Case

<strong>Contracting Use Case</strong>


An NYC-based FinTech company that is planning to build out their AI engine over the next year. They have hired senior leadership to guide the project but don’t want to bring on new headcount until they find the right mix of talent.

They faced some hurdles:

  • A dearth of AI technical talent
  • Aggressive timelines mean they need to ramp up quickly
  • They were not set up to employ contract workers


recruitAbility was engaged to devise and execute a solution.

How we did it:

  • Conducted a workshop to understand the entire project plan and accompanying hiring plan that allowed the flexibility to scale up and down quickly
  • Reached into our deep bench of contractor resources to build the team out
  • The project was executed seamlessly, while they hired full-time resources for the long haul


  • Successful engineering team: they were stressed about the initial deadlines but were able to ramp up quickly and meet them all.
  • Happy executive team, they were able to meet their aggressive timeline and get their first-generation AI engine up and running.
  • Road to success: we did what we do, and helped find the right talent for the need to ensure success.