Employee Spotlight: Director of Sourcing Jaimie Brackett

Employee Spotlight: Director of Sourcing Jaimie Brackett

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Jaimie is our Director of Sourcing.

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Describe your role at recruitAbility.

I am the Director of Sourcing. I handle all things involving job postings & advertising, strategizing and collaborating with each delivery team, and onboarding and account managing clients.

What made you want to work in recruiting?

This was a leap of faith, I wanted to learn a new industry that allowed me to utilize my background in creative processes and professional coordinating!

What is your favorite part of recruiting?

It allows you to collaborate and coordinate with almost every team member at the company to develop plans of attack to help not just our teams shine, but also our wonderful clients and their job orders!

What made you want to join recruitAbility?

The culture check made me realize that I had found my people! The core values and passionate mission that recruitAbility has is completely aligned with who I want to represent myself as a person and my goals!

Do you have a favorite business book or podcast?

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

Venturing out and exploring new places and cities I haven’t visited before, going to music festivals and spending time with friends all over the country who get to show me the local vibe of wherever they live!

What is your favorite thing to do around Austin?

Capturing nature photography while hiking the endless amount of trails in the hill country and checking out scenic spots around the city!