The Highest And Lowest Paying Remote Jobs In 2022

The Highest And Lowest Paying Remote Jobs In 2022

Are you a current (or aspiring) remote worker that is curious about the average compensation for remote-only jobs?

One of the world’s largest job boards for remote work, Remote OK, shares data regularly on the top-paying and lowest-paying remote jobs. The data is pulled from the company’s database, which includes more than 11,000 jobs posted in the last 24 months.

Below are the Top 10 roles ranked by median annual salary.

  1. Swift developer ($125k)
  2. Linux developer ($115k)
  3. Product designer/UI/UX ($105k)
  4. Tech lead ($105k)
  5. Crypto/blockchain/web3 developer ($105k)
  6. Golang programmer ($105k)
  7. Mobile developer ($103k)
  8. Docker programmer ($100k)
  9. Cloud developer ($100k)
  10. Elasticsearch developer ($100k)

Meanwhile, the Top 10 lowest-paying jobs ranked by median annual salary are:

  1. Copywriter ($50k)
  2. Marketing non-technical ($60k)
  3. Customer support ($60k)
  4. Wordpress admin ($63k)
  5. Sales ($65k)
  6. Social media ($65k)
  7. Content writing ($65k)
  8. HR ($70k)
  9. Quality assurance tester ($70k)
  10. SEO ($70k)

Per Remote OK, the U.S. and Canada are the top-paying countries for remote workers. For more remote work statistics, click here.

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