How To Achieve A High-Trust Work Environment

How To Achieve A High-Trust Work Environment

There are two types of work environments: high-trust and low-trust.

A low-trust work environment is often characterized by:

  • Employees who assume their coworkers or supervisors have bad intentions
  • Lack of transparency among employees and upper/lower management
  • Silos between departments that discourage communication
  • Blurry lines and ambiguity relative to goals
  • Excessive micromanagement 

The results of this type of toxic company culture include higher employee churn, finger-pointing, lack of productivity, reputational damage, and employee resentment. 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

One of the byproducts of remote work is that your company culture reveals itself much faster. That’s why this is such an important topic during the pandemic. The past year has taught many professionals how challenging it is to thrive when working remotely in a low-trust environment.

What we never see is goal-oriented, metrics-driven companies that have low-trust workplaces. The circles never intersect. When people know their roles and responsibilities – and they’re clear on what they’re being held accountable for – it creates clarity. There are set lanes and defined outcomes.

CirclesCompanies that operate using these principles tend to foster collaboration, build better relationships, give their employees more freedom, and spend less time on office politics (which kills productivity). They can do these things because people trust each other to handle their respective duties. It’s like New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s motto: Do Your Job. He must be on to something with six Super Bowl rings. 

This framework also provides the foundation for employees to achieve work-life balance, which is also a hot topic during the pandemic. If you’re curious how we’ve built our company culture – particularly in the context of remote work – click here.

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