How To Improve Your Recruiting Performance in 2023

How To Improve Your Recruiting Performance in 2023

In our last blog post, Top 2023 Recruitment Metrics, we identified the key metrics that every organization should utilize to guide their 2023 talent acquisition strategy.  

To stay competitive and sustainable within the market, it’s paramount to keep refining your recruitment processes. Below we have provided a set of strategies, based on our client recommendations and industry research, that will help you improve your recruiting performance. 

  1. Quality of hire: Improving your quality of hire entails continuously refining key skills and cultural characteristics shared by your top performers. This will ensure that your qualifying prospect candidates on current and accurate benchmarks.
  2. Time-to-fill: A simple way to start decreasing your to time is by designing a strong and effective ideal candidate profile. Leveraging this tool will enable your team to quickly identify qualified individuals and reduce time spent on unsuitable candidates.
  3. Source of hire: It’s critical to always be analyzing the number of qualified candidates that each recruitment channel is producing. Using the real-time data gathered from each recruitment channel, you can make strategic decisions about where to allocate your recruitment resources & budget.
  4. Pass-through/drop-off rate: Improving your candidate pass-through rate starts with understanding your overall candidate experience. Frequently analyzing your recruitment processes and gathering feedback from prospective candidates will give you the insight needed to improve your candidate’s experience.
  5. Cost per hire: Cost per hire metric is directly affected by the performance of other metrics – source per hire, pass-through rate, and time to fill. Decreasing your cost per hire starts with improving each metric that impacts the cost and effort spent on each role.

As a leader, business owner, or head of a department, you are always aiming for an efficient and effective hiring process. To best accomplish this, you need to constantly be striving to improve your key metrics to ensure operational excellence. 

For assistance with improving your specific recruitment metrics, reach out to our team today! We are here to help you!