Interview Prep – Finish the Process

You identified the perfect role at the perfect company, you got your resume in order and got yourself an interview. Now what! You can’t just show up and hope for the best. Interview prep is vital to making sure you finish the process and get the job. Here is our prep list on how to nail the interview. It isn’t just showing up to the interview to tell them about what you have done and how great you are for the job. Like anything, a little prep goes a long way.

interview prep basics

Basic Interview Prep

  • Research, research research! Coming prepared shows them that you are serious about the job and how you approach work.
    • Look up the company, core values, mission, products, products specific to your role, news (recent) about the company
    • The background and experience of everyone you with whom you will be interviewing
    • Job description and any details about the group you are interviewing
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches up to your resume
    • You want to be talking through things, not having to justify inconsistencies
  • Check your social media profiles! The hiring team will! The person you portray in the interview may not be the same person that goes out on Saturday night. Some companies are comfortable with it, and some may rule you out for those crazy photos and captions, but you don’t know until it is too late. Best to make sure your accounts are private.

interview logistics

Interview Prep Logistics

  • Try to make sure you get a calendar invite to assure you know the time, location and people expected to be there
  • Phone Interviews
    • Agree on the time and mode of communication (direct call, conf line, video chat, etc)
    • Make sure your phone is charged
    • Find a QUIET location with good reception and good headphones.
    • Mentally, it is good to dress up like it is in person, it helps put you in the right frame of mind to take it seriously.
    • The speaker in your car is not a good choice
    • Placing the caller on speaker, also not a good idea
    • A bad connection gives the entire call a bad feeling, regardless of what is actually said on the call or what your resume says.
    • Project a positive attitude, smiling helps, 70% of communications are non-verbal which can be picked up over the phone.
  • Video
    • These are becoming the norm now, remember that it is a combination of the phone and in-person rules
    • Find a quiet spot
    • Ensure you have a good connection
    • Let everyone in your house or those that may interrupt you what you are doing and that you need this time undisturbed
    • Confirm that you have the necessary software and hardware installed and working way before, not 1 minute before it starts!
    • Dress properly, from head to toe, if you stand up for any reason (most likely not on purpose) you don’t want to scare anyone
    • Project a positive attitude, smile, remember 70% of communications are non-verbal. They matter even more on video!
  • In-Person
    • Make sure you confirm the address, companies can be spread across multiple buildings in the same city
    • Find out the office dress code and expected attire for an interview (just ask!)
    • Check the location and directions well before you need to leave
    • Plan to arrive early (15-20 mins), anything can and will happen: traffic, parking, security, etc.
  • After the call or interview, send an email to everyone you spoke with thanking them for the opportunity and expressing your sincere interest in the role

interviews questions

Interview Prep Questions

The big day is here, you’ve done all of your homework. What to expect in the actual interview!

Questions you might be asked

  • Tell me about yourself, the elevator pitch!
    • Work on this, keep it brief, under 1-2 minutes
    • Don’t make it a recital of things, try to weave it into a story so they can understand you and why you interviewing for this role and company
  • How is your background a fit for this role?
  • Technical questions related to the skill set needed to excel in the role
    • Be prepared with specific examples that relate to the research you have done on the company and team
  • Why do you want to work here?

Questions you should ask

  • If I got this job, what would success look like in 30 days? 6 months? 1 year?
  • Ask about Glassdoor reviews, work culture, group dynamic
  • Any concerns I can address about my ability to do this job?
  • What are the next steps?
  • Express your interest in the role and the company, the WHY
  • The further you get along the hiring process, express your sincere interest and close the deal
    • As you move along in the process, gather more specific details for each meeting as you can.
  • DO NOT ask about salary, benefits, vacation policy, etc.