Is AI Really The Future of Recruitment?

Is AI Really The Future of Recruitment?

Starting in January of 2023, New York City will be restricting how businesses can use AI for their recruitment processes. The city’s intentions are to remove the ability of an AI tool from disqualifying candidates before they have the chance to meet with a recruiter or hiring manager.


What Does NYC’s New Law Mean For Businesses?

NYC’s newest law on restricting AI from recruitment is not breaking news. In fact, as more types of AI recruitment tools are begin introduced to the industry, the more worried recruiters and hiring managers are becoming. They are concerned that the AI tools would disqualify potential candidates, and that candidates could potentially manipulate their AI algorithms to ensure they are a qualified candidate.


The Future of Recruiting and AI

Fortunately, AI might not ever become the sole future of recruiting. Industry experts have expressed that a recruiting process will only be effective and efficient if there a human involved. Technology companies are starting to create AI solutions that are focused only on sourcing candidates. In fact, AI sourcing tools are providing businesses with a more diverse pools of candidates because they are able to reach a larger number of candidates.

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