Introducing recruitAbility’s Managed Recruiting Solutions Division

Introducing recruitAbility’s Managed Recruiting Solutions Division

Companies are scaling so rapidly these days that new approaches to hiring are needed to support their growth.

For clients that fit this criteria, we’ve developed a new Managed Recruiting Solutions (MRS) practice. This service is an alternative to contingency recruiting and recruiting process outsourcing (RPO). 

MRS is tailored for businesses with high-volume hiring and staffing needs who don’t have in-house recruiters or lack the bandwidth on their internal recruiting teams. In these cases, we offer companies a dedicated recruiter or recruiting solution. The exact structure can take several forms, but the major benefits include:

  • Customization
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Cost savings

The Value Of Managed Recruitment Solutions

Our approach is to first understand our clients’ goals and then design a recruiting solution that helps meet their objectives. Our recommendations are based on the difficulty of the hire(s), the number of positions that need to be filled, and the timeline.

Our model can be as simple as a single recruiter dedicated to the client, or as complex as a full configuration of recruiters and sourcers. It can even begin as one recruiter and scale to a full team.

These engagements are month-to-month, providing clients with maximum flexibility and significant recruiting horsepower in short spurts. In one instance, we worked with a company last year that needed 40 data scientists/data engineers in four months. 

A key factor that makes MRS so attractive to companies is that finding experienced recruiters to work in-house is so challenging and time-consuming in the current labor market. The demand is high, and it’s difficult to tell who can deliver. Our model shifts the burden to us. We’re responsible for finding and managing the recruiters who work on your project.

Helping enVista Hire At Scale

enVista is a global software, consulting, managed services, and automation firm that we partnered with in 2021 to help them hire more than 150 employees. We had four recruiters and three sourcing specialists dedicated to this project.

Meanwhile, we had a project manager supervising that team and holding the group accountable for meeting client deliverables and expectations. Our team working at enVista had access to all of our internal tools and resources (i.e. database, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) to assist in their efforts.

Ultimately, the new hires helped enVista gain a competitive edge in a tough market segment (i.e. software engineers), and we delivered an efficient cost-per-hire relative to more traditional recruiting solutions.

The engagement was such a success that we’re continuing into the second year. 

To learn how recruitAbility’s MRS can help your company reach its hiring goals, reach out to us at