Move Aside LinkedIn, Here Comes Slack

Move Aside LinkedIn, Here Comes Slack

Slack was first created with the purpose of providing open and honest lines of communication internally throughout organizations. And with remote work continuing to become more popular, almost every company now utilizes Slack or a similar solution to promote companywide engagement.

As Slack continues to serve businesses as an internal communication tool, it has also evolved into a networking and recruitment platform.

Slack Forums

Recently, Slack created public and private forums with the purpose of connecting professionals across different companies and industries.

But networking isn’t the only thing professionals are doing. Slack forums have transformed into a channel for job postings. Several professionals have said that they were able to obtain their current job through a job posting on a Slack forum.

Hiring On Slack

Being a candidate on Slack will provide you with several opportunities to meet hiring managers personally. But how does it benefit the hiring manager?

In demanding industries, like tech, candidates are hard to find. Hiring managers have found that they are able to reach more tech candidates through Slack then they ever were through LinkedIn. Because tech candidates are constantly getting messaged by HR professionals all day, they are less likely to respond to a LinkedIn connection or message. On Slack, hiring managers can directly and privately reach their candidates and have a higher chance of getting a response.

Sourcing Through Recruitment

Even though Slack forums can help you find qualified candidates or your next manager, traditional recruitment platforms, like LinkedIn and Indeed, will still help you produce quality results. What truly matters make any recruitment platform successful is the time, knowledge, and resources that a company best leverage the platform.

Sourcing quality candidates is time-consuming, and it takes the right knowledge to know how and where to find your candidates. If your business need help finding qualified candidates, reach out to us at