Employee Spotlight: Professional Recruiter Eliot Thibodeaux

Employee Spotlight: Professional Recruiter Eliot Thibodeaux

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Eliot ThibodeauxThe newest member of our team is Eliot Thibodeaux, a professional recruiter at recruitAbility.

Eliot (pictured above hiking at Big Bend National Park) is making a move into the recruiting world after spending the last five years in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Learn more about Eliot and what he enjoys doing in his free time.


Describe your role at recruitAbility? Why did you want to pursue a career in recruiting?
My role at recruitAbility is to establish relationships with clients and candidates to deliver the best fits for both parties. I’m constantly sourcing to serve clients and candidates to possibly change their lives forever (for the better).

Why did you want to pursue a career in recruiting?
I’ve always had a set goal to pursue a career in something besides the service industry. After I gathered information about recruiting from my friends and peers, taking on this role at recruitAbility seemed like an easy decision. I’m confident that the skills I acquired from customer service, and just my ambition and work ethic, give me the right tools to be successful in recruiting.

Has anything about recruiting surprised you so far?
Not too much. Everything is extremely new to me. So far, I’ve found recruiting to be really exciting.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
In my free time, I enjoy watching sports, socializing with friends, video gaming, watching documentaries, enjoying time with my family, eating and cooking, and much more.

Where do you like to eat out in Austin?
That’s a difficult question. So many different genres of food…I recently discovered Tysons’s Tacos. Also, Eddie V’s is freaking delicious.

Do you have a favorite business book?
Jordan Belfort’s “Way of the Wolf” has been a highly motivating book for me, especially after watching the film “Wolf of Wall Street.”

What’s your favorite podcast to listen to?
Maybe it sounds crazy, but I’ve yet to dive into podcasts. I enjoy consuming other types of media too much right now. I do listen to 101X radio.