Recognizing The ABJ 2020 Best Places To Work Winners

Recognizing The ABJ 2020 Best Places To Work Winners

Last week, we received the honor of being named the No. 1 place to work by the Austin Business Journal (ABJ) in the micro category of their 2020 Best Places To Work competition. I’m honored and humbled.

When I started recruitAbility in 2017, I envisioned a tech recruiting and consulting firm that emphasizes employee engagement after the hire to improve retention. Our message of shared accountability has resonated with our partners. Simply put, when companies focus on employee onboarding and provide the necessary resources to new hires, it consistently leads to better outcomes. 

There are plenty of companies on ABJ’s 2020 Best Places To Work list who illustrate this approach. We want to congratulate all of the businesses that the ABJ honored for setting a strong example and helping Austin to become an even bigger talent hub. 

Below are the other category winners. To view the full list of 65 winners, click here.


Large Companies
Overall winner: Realty Austin

Medium Companies
Overall winner: Twelve Rivers Realty

Small Companies
Overall winner: Pure Gold Realty