A Running List Of Resources To Manage COVID And Quarantine

A Running List Of Resources To Manage COVID And Quarantine

We’ve aggregated some helpful links for people to navigate the current quarantine. We’ll continue to add to this list as we stumble upon more resources, so please bookmark this page.



Even though we work with companies nationwide, we’re an Austin-based company. We’re proud to call this city home, and this is a go-to guide for anyone living here.

COVID-19 Austin Info and Resources


Business Loans

There are plenty of articles about payroll protection and disaster loans for companies. These are some links that we’ve found to be useful for business owners.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Guide and Checklist

How to Make Sense of the PPP Loan Program for VC-Backed Startups


Online Learning & Entertainment

We may never again have this much dedicated time at home. There are pro’s and con’s to this, especially if you have children. To help you make the most of this time, check out these links.

Get a free introduction to artificial intelligence in 60 minutes

Take Yale’s most popular course ever for free: The Science of Well Being

Learn how to code for free by taking this Stanford course

Online curriculums for students ages 2-18 from non-profit Khan Academy

Austin-based Tankee has a gaming video platform for kids, and it’s COPPA-compliant

Bored.Solutions offers a variety of challenges that you can undertake from home


Business Development

Where is the opportunity in this market? Which industries are thriving? Below is some insight into these questions.

Top 100 fastest growing and declining categories in e-commerce: March 2020 vs. March 2019

Forbes: Four Brands That Are Booming On Amazon During The Coronavirus Pandemic

McKinsey & Company: Read pages 27-33 for the sector-specific impact of COVID-19

WSJ: From Adult Toys to Business Software, Coronavirus Is Rearranging the Subscription Landscape


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