Step Aside Silicon Valley, Tulsa is Here.

Step Aside Silicon Valley, Tulsa is Here.

Large cities around the US, like San Francisco, NYC, and Chicago, have been deemed to be the ‘business hubs’ of the US. These cities were able to create and foster an environment for business growth and innovation, which pushed a large number of businesses to move their headquarters to one of these booming cities.

As companies that relocated started to experience massive growth, workers will from across the US started to flood in. Most of the workforce that was relocating were coming from smaller cities and towns, which eventually caused the economic health of the small cities to decline.

The Response from Smaller Cities

The smaller cities and towns needed to take action to survive. Cities, like Tulsa, responded to the massive growth in large cities by creating and implementing programs that are specifically geared towards attracting more workers.

Tulsa Remote is the program that was created in 2018 to help grow the city. This program was designed to attract workers with high wages to move to Tulsa. They are offering migrated workers $10,000, free office spaces, subsidized gym memberships, and a welcoming community

In 2021, Tulsa welcomed 1,360 new residents from the Tulsa Remote program.

Will The New Residents Stay?

Right now, programs like Tulsa Remote, are sustainable because they are backed by government and private funding. As they are putting more funding into these programs, the one question does come up – do these residents actually stay in these cities or do they plan on moving out once they no longer benefit from the programs?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Tulsa residents that have benefited from the Tulsa program were interviewed on whether or not they would officially make Tulsa their new home. Several of them noted that while they did not plan to have a future in Tulsa, living there has changed their minds. They’ve noticed the opportunities that they are being presented with are harder, if at all possible, to achieve in a larger city.

What Does This Mean for Talent Acquisition?

With remote workers being spread all across the country, it actually makes the searching and recruiting process harder. Your ideal candidates are no longer located in a specific region or area.

Fortunately, we have recruiting and searching consultants all across the US that are constantly in touch with candidates all across the US.

If your business is in need of finding your ideal candidate all across the US, reach out to We’d love to share our network and recruiting expertise with you.