What Is The Actual Value Of A Recruiting Partner?

What Is The Actual Value Of A Recruiting Partner?

A common misconception is that the only companies who use recruiting firms are the ones who can’t generate enough applicants using their job postings.

Yes, a number of businesses we work with do want to see a larger pool of applicants, but this is never the only reason that they decide to partner with us. The reality is, if it were simply about increasing the number of resumes that come across a desk, online job boards (i.e. LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice.com) do a decent job.

The real advantages of working with a recruiting firm like recruitAbility lie elsewhere.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Hiring anyone costs money, but not having an efficient and effective recruiting process in place is just as, or even more, expensive.

The most common reason why companies have trouble filling a position is because they don’t have a proper recruiting process in place. Instead, they are constantly spending their time figuring out what works and how to make it better.

With a recruiting partner, you are able to decrease your time and cost per hire by leveraging their unique candidate network and resources.

Job Descriptions

We see it all the time – our clients want a specific type of candidate to complete a specific duties, but their job description doesn’t clearly explain it. When companies are vague in their job descriptions – or worse yet, they miss the mark on the jargon associated with a technical role – they often attract fewer candidates and the wrong candidates.

Fortunately, recruiting firms see job descriptions all the time. We understand what your job description needs to attract the right people.

Quality > Quantity

To fill an important role, good recruiting firms are focused less on the volume of candidates and more on the caliber of candidates that they present to their clients. It’s the difference between a sniper rifle vs. a shotgun approach. It is precise and intentional.

By relying only on an internal job posting to find candidates, companies limit themselves to a significantly reduced pool of applicants. In many cases, the best talent is well taken care of at their current companies, and while they may be open to opportunities, they are not looking. Understanding and effectively conveying what is appealing about your specific opportunity to these candidates is what top recruiters are adept at.


Think about your last house search. Remember how your confidence in choosing the right place increased as you viewed more homes? This same concept applies to hiring. Recruiters see far more job candidates than a company’s hiring manager, and this gives us confidence in our recommendations. We have our fingers on the pulse of the jobs market.

Also, recruiters learn from the data by seeing how candidates they place end up performing in their roles. This allows recruiters to identify trends and inform clients in their decision-making process. This level of insight by recruiters also gives their clients an advantage during salary negotiations.

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