Will The Metaverse Change The Future Of Work?

Will The Metaverse Change The Future Of Work?

The past two years have shown us that businesses can be successful in a variety of environments. But is our business world ready for another change?

A few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will evolve into the Metaverse. And this is not just a name change, but a societal change.

Metaverse Changing Work Environments

The Metaverse is opening up a world where consumers can incorporate virtual reality into their daily activities. And for businesses, the metaverse is creating new avenues of how, when, and where a business can operate through the virtual reality world. The metaverse will provide virtual conference and break rooms that will give employees the realistic feeling of being together while they are physically in their own homes. Virtual reality industry leaders predict that the metaverse will fundamentally change how businesses, and even specific jobs, will operate in the future.

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Chris Long, music engineer, and asked him how he plans on utilizing the metaverse. Long explains that he envisions himself bringing clients into a virtual studio, which he believes will create a more collaborative and productive environment for both him and his clients.

What Does This Mean For The Recruiting Industry?

Just like every evolution, the metaverse work environments present both benefits and challenges.

The Metaverse work environments can be beneficial in the way that it widens the net for both employers and candidates. Having virtual meetings may encourage employers to expand their geographical territories when searching for candidates.  In turn, this will open up more opportunities for candidates in the job market.

Even though a wider net can be casted for both candidates and employers, it will also cause challenges. The job market will become even more competitive as candidates may be looking to only work for employers that utilize the metaverse. We might even see candidates leave their current job for the sole reason of searching for a company that is willing to implement metaverse work environments. This will present a challenge to employers that may be slow to adopt the metaverse, as their pool for qualified candidates will only continue to shrink as the metaverse becomes widely utilized.

Recruiting and Hiring In The Metaverse

Just as virtual work environments will be enhanced by the metaverse, so will the realm of virtual recruiting. Because the metaverse gives you the feeling of being ‘in-person’, candidates and employers will need to treat interviews as if they were physically in office. This means that candidates and employers will have to be more conscientious of their appearance and how they present themselves in the new virtual reality world.

Companies like Accenture have already created virtual reality training courses. Industry leaders predict that these training courses will only become more sophisticated and universal across all industry verticals. They also predict that manufactures will be able to train their employees on how to operate complex machinery through the metaverse, causing a decrease in employee accidents.

The metaverse is going to change the way all businesses operate, and it will only continue to evolve. Only time will tell how successful the metaverse work environments will be.