Employee Spotlight: Director of Business Development James Foley

Employee Spotlight: Director of Business Development James Foley

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James FoleyJames Foley recently joined recruitAbility to direct our business development efforts.

Learn about James’ experience in recruiting and staffing, as well as what he enjoys outside of the office, in the Q&A below.

What made you want to work in recruiting? 
I always knew I wanted to work in a business environment with a team I could contribute to. I just didn’t know what that was going to be.

In college at Loyola Marymount University, I focused my studies on business, but I also became fascinated with sociology and psychology. Shortly after I graduated, I got my first job as a recruiter in the medical industry and I absolutely loved it. I recognized that recruiting is an industry that puts all of the fields I enjoyed studying into a single career.

What’s your favorite part of recruiting? 
I love it when I make a great placement with a company. Placing a candidate that not only has the right skillset, but is someone who fits in with the tempo and culture of the office, is really gratifying.

What made you want to join recruitAbility? 
I have worked for big Fortune 500 corporate staffing firms and smaller boutique recruiting agencies. Both had advantages and disadvantages. As I learned more about recruitAbility, I felt in many ways that recruitAbility is a combination of both worlds. It has the resources and relationships of a large firm, and it also has the more caring and personal touch that you get from a smaller agency. Plus, the employees at recruitAbility are amazing. They truly do play to win as a team, and we also hang out as a team outside of work. That’s pretty cool.

Do you have a favorite business book or podcast?
Damien Richburg introduced me to Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall. Really, really good stuff.

What’s your favorite part about living in Austin? 
I love that Austin is such a fun city with such great sports, culture, music, and food.

Favorite spot to get food in Austin? 
Via 313 Pizza in East Austin. Best pizza I have ever had.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?
I play in Austin’s adult ice hockey league for the Grizzlies. Come check us out every Friday! The league is a lot of fun, it’s great exercise, and it also has been a good networking outlet.