Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

If ever there were a holiday season to go big on festivities and spread cheer, this is it. It’s been a long year, and we are excited to celebrate the holidays with our close family and friends.

We surveyed members of our team to learn about their favorite holiday traditions. 

We wish you and your loved ones health and happiness as we close the chapter on this year and look forward to 2021! 


Nad Elias, recruitAbility CEO

“We watch Christmas Vacation every Christmas Eve. It’s my all-time favorite Christmas movie.  Also, Elf has become a staple as well. We also make bags of snacks and apples with our kids, and we distribute them to the homeless. It’s become an annual tradition for us.”


Richard Fusco, recruitAbility VP of Operations

“Christmas day is waking up at 6 a.m. and having wiped out kids by 7 a.m., and then watching the Grinch on re-run. It is the new staple in our house. The holidays are just a fun time for tons of playing and Christmas decorations, and we go around the neighborhood every night looking at all the cool lights.”


Damien Richburg, recruitAbility Director of Financial Services

“For my family, our tradition is to start decorating the day after Thanksgiving. That includes hanging lights and breaking out the lawn ornaments. We end the day by putting up the tree and listening to ‘The Christmas Song’ by Nat King Cole a bunch of times on repeat.”


Scott Beardsley, recruitAbility Recruiting Manager (aka The Rockin’ Recruiter)

“My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the house for Christmas with family, enjoying some Budweiser, and jamming out!”


Alison Beardsley, recruitAbility Senior Recruiter

“Besides spending quality time with my family, my favorite holiday tradition has to be the Annual Tacky Sweater Christmas Party with my Westlake High School Choir alumni group. We get together every year and have a white elephant exchange and catch up over White Russians. We are going on 13 years!”


Sharmaine Eugenio, recruitAbility Senior Technical Recruiter

“In my culture, we celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas day. We all go to church and then come home, open gifts, and eat at midnight. It’s called Noche Buena!”


Lia Hext, recruitAbility Senior Technical Recruiter
“My cousins and I make drinks on Christmas Eve and then bake sugar cookies with creative designs. Then we like to do karaoke, make a palette, and fall asleep to corny Xmas rom coms Lololol.”


Photo credit: Office Christmas Party