Proactive Sourcing: Always Be Sourcing!

Proactive Sourcing: Always Be Sourcing!

Have you heard of the ‘post and pray’ recruiting method? While several companies rely on this recruitment strategy, this approach is reactive and won’t successfully attract the right candidates. Taking a proactive approach to your strategies will decrease the time, cost, and efforts spent on filling your vacant roles.  

 Proactive Sourcing 

Proactive sourcing is defined as the practice of always expanding your talent pool by developing strong, trusting candidate relations. By consistently networking with candidates that align with your ideal profile, this will help ensure that your talent pipeline is constantly filled with candidates that are qualified, interested, and available (QIA) for your open roles. 

 How to Implement Proactive Sourcing in Your Organization? 

Proactive sourcing doesn’t mean that you need to be continuously looking for candidates for a specific position and performing in-depth interviews. It simply means that you are proactively managing and interacting with your talent pool. You can perform proactive sourcing through engaging social media posts, running personalized email campaigns, setting up quarterly coffees, etc.  

 Track Your Proactive Sourcing Efforts 

With every part of the recruitment process, you should always be tracking and measuring your efforts. To know if your proactive efforts are successful, you can utilize the following metrics: 

  1.  Time-to-hire: How quickly were you able to fill your open positions with candidates from your current talent pool?
  2. Quality of candidates: How qualified were the candidates in your current talent pool for your open positions?
  3. Interview-to-hire ratio: How many candidates moved forward in the interview process from your sourcing efforts?

  4. Cost-per-Hire: How much did it cost for you to keep candidates engaged before the hire? 

For more recruitment metrics, check out our blog on the Top 2023 Recruitment Metrics to Track. 

Always Be Proactive Sourcing! 

Although implementing proactive sourcing techniques requires time and effort, it is worth it in regard to the long-term return. If you need help with implementing proactive sourcing methods or assistance with performing proactive sourcing efforts, reach out to our team today!