How do you sell in today’s world?

A good friend was recently at a conference and she came across some stats about B2B selling that I thought to be completely fascinating. Here they are: there are on average 10 people involved in a B2B buying decision and 80% of people never respond to cold outreach. Most people don’t answer the phone if…

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Cheers to the Dads who want it all

I recently heard a therapist speak to a men’s group I’m a part of, she specializes in counseling men as they go through life trying to be good husbands and fathers. She noted that men are four times more likely to commit suicide than females, primarily because we’re taught at a young age to compartmentalize…

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To ask or not to ask

There is a new trend in the workforce that has my colleagues and I going in circles. Is asking a candidate’s current salary now taboo? In Austin, Texas there are no rules regulating these conversations, but in many states and cities around the country this question is outlawed. The question, “What is your current salary?”…

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My First 30 Days in Recruiting

If you live in Austin, chances are that you’ve met a recruiter at every happy hour or networking event that you’ve attended. Maybe it’s the millennial in me but being able to classify going to happy hours as “work” sounded like a dream. Not to mention, recruiters make their living by meeting new people and…

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