Why Finance & Accounting Recruiting Is Taking Off

Why Finance & Accounting Recruiting Is Taking Off

The S&P 500 hit an all-time high last week. It’s symptomatic of how much optimism there is in the economy right now. 

We’re seeing this take shape in our recruiting practice as companies’ demand for high-caliber finance & accounting professionals is surging, especially in Austin. People are flocking to Austin, but the city remains short on CFOs and seasoned accounting executives that can consistently handle the financial reporting required for board meetings, fundraising, and M&A activity. This need also extends to public accounting firms.

Recognizing this gap in the market, we launched a dedicated segment of our business focused on finance & accounting last October. Historically, high-growth companies in Austin have gone out of town to find capable recruiting firms in this space, but now we can offer a local resource with a strong track record thanks to recruitAbility’s Director of Financial Services Damien Richburg, CFA.

With six years of recruiting experience in finance & accounting and an MBA from UT’s McCombs School of Business, Damien is a continuous learner who has built a competency in connecting clients with hard-to-find talent. One of our core values is “live to serve,” and Damien’s relationships with companies and candidates reflect this character trait.

How To Recruit Finance & Accounting Professionals

Identifying, attracting, and hiring employees in finance & accounting requires subtle differences in approach compared to other career fields. Put simply, it’s a different conversation.

Generally speaking, these searches focus more on skill set and experience compared to qualitative measures. The qualifications for candidates vary depending on the level of the job, but they must be adept at processing information quickly and presenting data in a digestible manner.

By recognizing these nuances, we’re able to save our clients’ time and improve our success rate.

A Buyer’s Market In Finance & Accounting

It’s a perfect storm of hiring for finance & accounting roles because so many companies ran lean last year during the height of the pandemic. Now, the floodgates are open as companies play catch-up. In an effort to cast a wider net, many businesses have lifted geographic restrictions on roles that have historically been in-office.

This dynamic has led to multiple offer scenarios for top talent. In this situation, experienced recruiters become invaluable since we’re able to apply our market knowledge to help clients during negotiations. In most cases, in-house recruiters don’t have an equivalent number of job placements, so it puts them at a disadvantage.

If you’re a company in need of elite finance & accounting talent, contact us today for a free consultation or salary benchmark analysis. You can reach us at sales@recruitability.ai.