Inside The Numbers: Austin’s Growth In Tech

Inside The Numbers: Austin’s Growth In Tech

Austin is the home base for recruitAbility, although we have staff outside of Texas in Denver and Colombia

We’ve seen Austin’s rise firsthand, and the city has become the land of opportunity for tech workers looking to accelerate their careers.

Last year, LinkedIn announced that Austin led the U.S. in gross tech migration. On a net basis from May 2020 to April 2021, the city added 217 software and I.T. workers per 10,000 existing software and I.T. workers. Nashville (154.7) and Charlotte (145.8) rounded out the Top 3 list.

Austin Tech Migration
Credit: Bloomberg

Major Companies Moving To Austin

After Oracle announced Austin as its new HQ in 2020, Tesla moved its HQ to Austin in 2021. In Nov. 2021, Samsung said it was investing $17 billion to build a semiconductor manufacturing site in Taylor, Texas, about 30 miles outside of Austin. A month later, Amazon announced plans to create 2,000 corporate and tech jobs in Austin. Most recently, John Deere, a $118-billion manufacturing company, said it was launching a new Innovation Hub in Austin. 

To get a clearer picture of which companies and industries are contributing to Austin’s growth, see below for charts from Aquila Commercial using data from the Austin Chamber’s relocations and expansions log.

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Austin Tech Companies
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Austin Industries
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