HR Manager

Our client operates as a security service provider in Texas, with plans for expansion. They’re striving to establish themselves as a leading security company. They prioritize a family-owned culture, offer opportunities for career advancement, ensure stability, and foster a supportive team environment.

As they continue growing, they are looking for a HR Manager to oversee Recruitment and Employee Relations activities. This role involves supervising administrative and recruitment staff across Dallas, Houston, and Austin.
What YOU get to DO at this growing company:

  • Develop relationships with Operations, oversee recruitment processes, manage departmental operations efficiently, and foster employee relations.  
  • establish regular review cycles for requisitions, supervise candidate workflow, coordinate recruitment activities, and adapt to changing business priorities. 
  • provide guidance on HR policies, conduct internal investigations, monitor turnover trends, and facilitate employee engagement initiatives.

What you NEED to SUCCEED in this challenging role:

  • +5 years of experience in Human Resources Management within a dynamic, high-volume setting.
  • Demonstrated success in recruitment and fostering positive employee relations.
  • Strong proficiency in both verbal and written communication.
  • Skilled in utilizing Microsoft Office suite.
  • Familiarity with applicant tracking systems is advantageous.
  • Exceptional organizational abilities with the capability to handle multiple tasks efficiently.
  • Thorough attention to detail and a commitment to maintaining high levels of organization.
  • Flexibility to work weekends and occasional evenings, as required.
  • Dedication to providing outstanding customer service.

What’s in it for YOU? 

  • The company fosters a family-owned culture where employees feel valued and supported, promoting a positive work environment.
  • With plans to expand operations in Texas and beyond, employees have ample opportunities for career advancement and development within the company.
  • As one of the top security providers in the United States, the company offers job stability and the chance to work for a reputable organization.
  • The company encourages a team atmosphere where collaboration, support, and camaraderie are emphasized, contributing to overall employee satisfaction.
  • Employees receive support for their professional development, including training programs, performance evaluations, and coaching to help them reach their full potential.